We went with a few friends to visit the Exhibit at the Eretz Israel Museum – “On the Edge – Isreali Paper “and we were all breath taken by this beautiful exhibit.
It is simply a small jewel, a very esthetic selection of Israeli Artists all creating with paper and bringing it to the best of its beauty. Every Artist exploring the paper in a different language and angle, a mix of poetry, scientific and technical exploration, and renewal of antic technics.


As you walk through the room, you flow from on world to another, your imagination opens up, you feel like a child full of wonder. And as an artist you discover many intriguing ways to work with paper that triggers your curiosity and will to explore more.

The exhibit as a whole, is harmonious, with a pleasant flowing energy, both light and full of deep layers. Perfect.

For those how have not seen it yet, the exhibit is on until the end of October. A must.
And for all the others, enjoy a few pictures….

Ilan garibi

Ilan Garibi – Grid 128

Dvora Morag - Epidermis

Dvora Morag – Epidermis

Tamar Sheaffer - It May Be Better There

Tamar Shaeffer – It May be better there

Avi Sevilya - Challenges

Avi Sevilya – Challenges

Racheli Joseph - Left Over

Racheli Joseph – Leftover

Rivka Potchebutzky - Paper Houses A memory Kit 2

Rivka Potchebutzky – Paper Houses A memory kit

Naama Oppenheim - Phantom Ships

Naama Oppenheim – Phantom Ships

מפגש כסוםNoga Yudkovik - Etzioni - Air Pockets

Noga Yudkovik – Etzioni – Air Pockets

Ravit enjoying



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